maandag 11 mei 2015

In: from Hong Kong

De Poolse uitgeverij Postallove geeft een bijzondere serie 'GF', 'groeten uit' ansichtkaarten uit. Ik ontdekte deze serie via instagrammers uit onder andere Hong Kong, China en Maleisië, en ik dacht eerst dat deze kaarten uit Oost-Azië kwamen. Maar ze komen dus van dichter bij huis, en zijn ontworpen door de Poolse ontwerpster Ewa Słocińska.

Dankzij Natalie ontving ik deze kaart uit het afgebeelde land zelf, met op de achterkant ook mooie postzegels van een net uitgekomen serie over sport.

The Polish company Postallove has issued a special serie, GF cards, 'greetings from' cards. I discovered this serie thanks to instagram users from Hong Kong, China and Malaysia, so first I thought these cards came from Eastern Asia. But they appear to have been created a little closer to my home, designed by the Polish designer Ewa Słocińska.

Thanks to Natalie I received this GF postcard from the country pictured, and on the back she added stamps from a new Hong Kong stamp serie about sports.

Thank you very much, Natalie!

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  1. I usually like Postallove's postcards (I think I have send some of them to you), and this series is really cool. However, I dislike the "Greetings from Spain" postcard because of the picture: bullfighting. I don't like this tradition and, besides that, I think it is not really representative of the country (in some areas is even forbidden).

  2. I must confess that I was very, very disappointed when I saw the Spanish one.
    That's why I have resistance against one of the Dutch postcrossing stamps, too: they show a picture of a postcard with bullfighting, too.
    Fortunately it has been forbidden in several regions in Spain, and there is a growing anti-bullfight lobby (alas there's also a pro-bullfight lobby).

    First I wanted to order postallove's 'greetings from' cards from countries which I might visit withing the coming years, and one of them was Spain. But the picture was the one and only reason why I didn't order this one.

    Maybe we could / should email Ewa with a better proposition (if you have any text or facts suggestions, let me know!).
    She/they issued a second and even third 'Greetings from Poland' card, so why not update the Spanish?!?

    1. I have seen on the Internet that some people don't mind the picture ( or even like it ( Some people don't realise (at first sight) the real meaning of the picture:

      However, like you, I don't think that I will send this postcard. I am not in the anti-bullfight lobby, but I just dislike it. "Like many Spanish people...", as other sender wrote (

      I think there are a lot of pictures that could represent Spanish better. Why not something belonging to UNESCO Heritage, for instance? I'm thinking especially in immaterial heritage like La Patum, the Human Towers, the Mediterranean diet, the flamenco... All these things are representative of a part of Spain, of course. All there are special landscapes like the highest volcano in Europe... Well, there's plenty of things!

    2. nd the Sierra Nevada, and the Alhambra, and Toledo (with Don Quichote), and el Concierto de Aranjuez! So much more! Hmm, we can think about a proposition, or even make such a card by ourselves (via moo or so) :-)

      Good comment from you to the first mentioned blog post, and I'm happy to read that she understands and that it really made her think about it. And I'm glad to see also the comment from the Spanish sender.
      And indeed weird that only Spain shows this inhuman human, while all other cards show landscapes or cities (and a Suiss cow - I've received that one as a swap from China and I will send it to you :-) )

  3. I have send you an e.mail about this matter :)