maandag 11 mei 2015

In and out: from Italy, via Hong Kong, Singapore, Netherlands, back to Italy

This postcard with an awesome amount of postage stamps I have had in hands for one day only :-)

Instagram user @ioog had a very nice stamp swap project: four people from four countries start to send one postcard from their own country, always to the same person out of the other three. The receiver adds stamps and forwards it to the next receiver. So finally, the four of them receive their own postcard, which thus has been traveling in four countries, and has been added stamps to from all of these countries.

I had to send my own card, and the other three received ones, to Italy. The Italian participant forwarded hers to someone in Hong Kong, who forwarded them to Singapore, and the participant in Singapore forwarded the cards (except the own card after it's travels) to me.

So this is the card which started the trip through the world in Italy, and now is ending it's journey back in Italy.
Meanwhile I could admire it, add Dutch stamps to it, scan it (to 'keep' it here in a way, too), and on the very little room top left I wrote the Italian address.
I got the good news that this card has arrived safe and sound. I wonder if all other three cards did have a safe journey, too, and am looking forward to meet again my first sent postcard. I'll post if / it as soon as it has landed here!

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  1. That is really a cool project. I am not sure it will work from Morocco, but surely it will do from/to Spain.
    Today I read about "Travelling Notebooks", and I'm thinking about starting a project like that. But maybe it is too risky...