zaterdag 13 september 2014

Sunday stamps: Automobiles

This Sunday Stamps theme is 'Automobiles and motor transport'.
The stamp above is the last one from a stamp sheet on sustainability. This happened to be a car stamp; 'auto delen' means 'car sharing' or 'car pooling'.
The stamp sheet was issued in 2009, when national mail postage still was € 0.44 (for international mail within Europe € 0.77 and outside Europe € 0.95).

Only five years later we have to pay € 0.64 for national mail and € 1.05 for all international mail. However, one cannot see that anymore, because the postage stamps are marked with '1' now, as you see on the stamp sheet below.

This stamp sheet has been issued in January 2014, themed an automobile museum, the Louwman Museum in Den Haag (The Hague) in the Netherlands.
I already have used the upper two for my mail to Ravindra in Sri Lanka, who collects car stamps and postcards. On Ravindra's blog you can see many car stamps from all-over the world!

Below you see the eight remaining stamps; the complete stamp sheet fortunately is visible on the Postzegelblog. The text is in Dutch, but interesting: the author and some people who react are criticizing the commercial purposes of the Dutch post executives, who seem to be interested more in making money than in issuing good stamp designs, as these pictures have been taken straight from the museum's catalogue.
But for car fans they will be o.k., I suppose. And also I like the simple and clear stamp design.

By the way, the Spyker (previously: Spijker) has been honoured with postage stamps before, in 2004. See this link, and this one.

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  1. I also like the design of the stamps, but I understand the criticism...
    Thanks for sharing Ravindra's link. It's a beautiful collection!

  2. Three of the old cars are new to me (Eysink, Spyker and Duesenberg - and Viridian had a different Duesenberg as well)

  3. I like the stamp designs, but I think they should only feature Dutch cars on Dutch stamps.

  4. Thank you for participating this week!

  5. I like that the design is clear - but I also understand the criticism (and agree). Perhaps adding a bit of background design might of helped.

  6. Thank you all for your comments!

    @ Postcardy and @ Bob, The Eysink and Spyker (former: Spijker) cars have been made by Dutch automobile manufacturers. The Spijker brothers also made the 'golden carriage', which always rides in The Hague on the 3rd Tuesday of September (this Tuesday), but that's with real horse power, not motorized :-)

    Thanks to your comments I added a link to Spyker in Wikipedia to my blog post. And I found out that there have been two more Dutch Spyker stamps, in 2004, to which I added links abovet, too.

    An other Dutch manufacturer was DAF, but so far I didn't find an official postage stamp on this brand.

  7. DH and I were speaking yesterday about Dutch cars, thanks to your post :D
    We aren't big fans of cars either. Well, we don't have any car at this moment...

  8. The rocketing price of postage and lazy design is true of UK post too. I like the stamps, especially so that they have info tabs.