donderdag 11 september 2014

Out: to Sri Lanka

Update Sunday 8 March 2015: this Sunday stamps' theme is 'Riding the rails', so I'd like to share this previously posted Dutch stamp sheet with all of you Sunday Stamp fans (I'm a fan, too :-) ). For the ones who don't know yet Sunday Stamps, please check the Sunday Stamps blog and the links for many more postal beauties!

[Original text, Sept 2014: ]
Afgelopen maandag bracht PostNL een postzegelvel uit ter gelegenheid van 175 jaar Spoorwegen in Nederland.
Natuurlijk moeten de verschillende postzegels stukje bij beetje naar Ravindra gestuurd worden. Voor de bovenste postzegel vond ik onderstaande toepasselijke kaart, die hij zo te zien nog niet heeft.

Last Monday the Dutch post issued a stamp sheet for the 175th anniversary of Dutch railways.
Of course these ten stamps have to be sent, little by little, to Ravindra for his collection. Fortunately I found this suitable train card, which he hadn't received so far, to accompany the first stamp-to-send.

En eerder vond en stuurde ik deze auto, voor Ravindra's autoverzameling.
And some time before I found this car, to send for Ravindra's car collection.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Having travelled on Dutch railways I'm pleased to see these stamps.

  2. A beautifully designed stamp sheet, I would have to buy more than one of those to keep one intact.

  3. I agree - I would need to have one to keep for intact for myself! I particularly like the way the top stamp is split.

  4. The stamp sheet is great. I love that Dutch stamps often have details about them in the selvage - giving the opportunity to send them along with the stamp.