dinsdag 11 maart 2014

In: from Morocco

Vandaag kwamen deze vliegtuigen / vliegeniers in mijn brievenbus, door Eva verstuurd vanuit Marokko en nog geen week onderweg!

Today these airplanes / aviators flew into my mailbox. They were sent by Eva from Morocco and travelled less than a week!

De dame hierboven is de actrice Edna Munsey. De foto is genomen in 1916 door Harris & Ewing. Op internet vond ik naast deze een foto die net ervoor of erna gemaakt is (zie hier).

The young lady above is Edna Munsey, actress. The picture has been made in 1916 by Harris & Ewing. I happened to find an other picture on the internet, which should have been made just before or after this one (see here).

Van deze twee zijn geen namen vermeld. Wel doen ze aan een pilotentraining. Ook gemaakt door Harris & Ewing, in 1912.

The names of these two men haven't been mentioned, only that they are doing an aviation army pilot training. Also this picture has been made by Harris & Ewing, in 1912.

Thank you very much, Eva!

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  1. As usual, you provide some usual information... :D
    Oh, and it's absolutely normal that these postcards arrived so quickly: this time I make me sure they were sent by air mail!

    1. Of course I meant "useful" information! :D

    2. Funny and fascinating how the brain works! In your first comment I read the word 'useful'. And not before now that you've corrected it, I re-read and see the original word - which I obviously mis-read :-)