dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

Out: to Sri Lanka

Verstuurd naar Ravindra in Sri Lanka, die net als ik van treinen houdt.
Op deze kaart een schilderij (ja, echt!) van Charles Burki, 'station Rotterdam CS'.

Sent to Ravindra in Sri Lanka, who, same as I do, likes trains.
This card shows a painting (yes, really!) of the central railwaystation in the city of Rotterdam, made by Charles Burki (1909-1994).

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, it looks like a real picture, how amazing.

  2. It's cool you matched the theme of the postcard with the stamp:) And I think the stamp with windmills is very nice.

  3. I had in an email your comment about dropje but can't find it under the post. Weird. So anyway I wanted to let you know that I watched the youtube video and reactions of my friends to salmiakki were more abrupt than that of the Japanese guy:P And your dropje is much bigger that salmiakki! Scary;P

  4. I cannot find back my comment either... Weird indeed.
    Funny that you think the dropje scary ('funny' because 'we' think this an ideal size so we can enjoy them for longer time :-)
    No worries: we also have small ones, which look like the package of salmiakki, we call them 'wybertjes'. (looking for an example on the internet I see there's even a complete weblog on dropjes... See for the wybertje: http://nederdropje.blogspot.nl/2010/09/wybert-original.html !..)