zondag 14 oktober 2012

In: from Morocco, out: to Morocco

Ontvangen van Eva vanuit Marokko. De schilderijen zijn gemaakt door Jeff McRobbie, Amerikaan van origine, wonend in Marokko.

Received from Eva from Morocco. The paintings have been made by Jeff McRobbie, an American who lives in Morocco.

En een week later ontving ik deze twee, zelfgemaakte kaarten: de ons bekende lachende koe in een andere taal, al-baqara ad-dahika, en mooi is vooral ook de afbeelding op het pak groene thee.
En kijk daaronder eens hoe de post zat te worstelen met de stempels...

A week later I received these two handmade cards: the well-known laughing cow in an other language, al-baqara ad-dahika, and a beautiful image on the package of green tea.
And look below how the post company was wondering which way would be the best way to cancel...

Hieronder (gulden) postzegels van de enveloppen die ik naar Eva stuurde en nog ga sturen. Welke kaart er in die envelop zit, dat moet natuurlijk nog een verrassing blijven (dus zet ik hier niet neer, aangezien zij nogmeerpost volgt :-) ).

Below some (guilder) postage stamps which I used and will use for my reply to Eva. The cards inside the envelope of course have to be kept as a surprise (would have been showed here if the receiver would not be following nogmeerpost :-) ).

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I was looking at your postcards from Spain (because sometimes I'm not sure if I have sent a postcard or I just *think* I've sent it...). And then I realised that, some months after I sent this, I met Jeff MacRobbie :)

  2. Wow, that is nice, special!
    Was it a coindicental meeting, and/or did you keep in contact?

    By the way, I *know* your 'problem'- also I sometimes take a look in your photoalbum to see if I have sent a card already...
    The problem in my case for you is that I don't post all incoming mail.. But so far I never received doubles, and if I would receive, I would be as happy as if it were the first one, because all written postcards are unique and yours are always special and dear to me!

    1. It was coincidental.
      Not a 'problem' at all! :D

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