donderdag 4 oktober 2012

Out: to Spain

Gestuurd naar 'Stuur je me spiegels', deze prent (lithografie) uit 1935 van de beroemde graficus M.C. Escher.

Sent to 'Send me your mirrors', this print (lithograph) created in 1935 by the famous Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher.

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  1. Oh, I thought of this picture when Eutrapèlia started her webblog about mirrors. I see some Escher works in an amazing exhibition in Granada, last year. I think I told you, didn't I?

    Here in Morocco I'm constantly bumping into Escherian works. For instance:

  2. Yes, Escher's works are amazing! And you are having great surroundings, now! The works of Escher I know from very young; and for instance this one: was hanging as a poster in our maths classroom.

    Similar to you, also I had to think of this mirror-ball picture when I discovered Eutrapèlia's mirrors' blog! :-)
    It took some effort to find this picture as a postcard , but finally I found it, and now I hope it'll arrive safely!

  3. I've just received it!!!!! Thank you very much! I love it and the samps too!! I didn't know Escher before! I'm so happy!! Amd we know that finally my homemade card wasn't lost, it's such a a relief! It's rainning,I love staying at home in this weather.

  4. I so much love Escher's works! Funny, I read Hawwa saw an exhibition in Granada in 2011...and that is exactly where I discovered him! So we've both been there :)