zaterdag 2 december 2017

Sunday Stamps: "R" is for rolstoel, regen and regenboog

Today Sunday Stamps are dedicated to the letter 'R'.

While the Dutch word 'Rolstoel' refers to its function ('rolstoel' literally means 'roll(ing) chair'), the English word refers to its appearance: 'wiel stoel' or 'wheel chair'.

Rolstoelen are good solutions for people who have lost the ability to walk. However, this stamp shows that there still are thresholds to overcome, both literal and figurative (social, administrative, financial, psychological) obstacles, once you become dependent on this mobility equipment:

Despite of the obstacles, people manage to practice sports on high level, for instance wheelchair tennis. Dutch Post has dedicated at least two stamps on rolstoel tennis players.

In 2009 a stamp sheet was issued on the theme 'attention for sports talent'. One of the talented tennis players is Aniek van Koot. Three years after this stamp has been issued, she won silver medals on the London Paralympics, and in 2013 she won the US Open:

In 2012 Dutch PostNL issued a stamp sheet in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Dutch Olympic Committee / Dutch Sports Federation NOC*NSF. One of the stamps from this 10 stamps sheet shows Esther Vergeer, who has been the number one in rolstoeltennis for many years:

From Ukraine I received this pretty stamp, showing a woman in a rolstoel. So to see a robijn (ruby) is handed to her:

And you might have noted it in the previous stamp: there is a regenboog (rainbow)!
Regenbogen appear when there is sun (zon) and regen (rain) at the same time. This combination you can see on these stamps, issued in 2004 for the 150th anniversary of the KNMI, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute:

In case the legs and feet function but the hands function less, sometimes it is possible to use the feet for manual tasks. This foot painter also pictured a regenboog:

The regenboogvlag - rainbow flag - is know in many countries as a sign of diversity and tolerance.

Canadian Post issued this regenboogvlag stamp, to celebrate the fact that two people who love each other can marry, no matter if they are male or female:

Some regenboog you can also see in the trousers of the man. These two stamps have been issued in 2016 in honour of the Europride, which took place in Amserdam in that year:

I just now realize that there is an other word starting with an 'R' in Dutch and not in English: 'Roze'!
Roze means pink - and 'pink' has a false friend: the Dutch word 'pink' is the fifth / little finger in English! :-)

Find more stamps in words starting with the letter 'R' at today's Sunday stamps!

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  1. The first stamp is very impactful with its Escher like view, really highlight the difficulties for wheelchair users, as well as being an attractive stamp. I think English has borrowed the Dutch 'pink' because the little figure is sometimes referred to as a pinkie.

    1. Now that you say so, indeed the first stamp reminds of M.C. Escher!
      I didn't know the little finger in English is named pinkie :-)

    2. I also thought of Escher when I saw the first stamp. I think his works were in the head of the designer.

  2. I've seen wheelchair basketball and been most impressed with the skills - and speed - of those athletes.

    That was an awesome segue from wheelchairs to rainbows to pink!

    1. Thank you, Violet,
      and indeed wheelchair sport is so impressive to see!

  3. Your selection today is wonderful. Great great post!

  4. Those wheelchair stamps are rather special. I hadn't seen that GB foot painter before.

    1. Thank you, Bob. The foot painter stamp I received from John, he always amazes me with a variety of unknown stamps. Royal Mail has issued so many beautiful stamp series!