zondag 12 november 2017

Sunday Stamps: 'O' is for olijf, otter and origami olifant

Today the O is on turn for Sunday Stamps.

That means:

Olijf (plural: olijven), on a joint issue, Greece - China (click to enlarge):

An otter:

And an origami olifant - or in fact: two origami olifanten:

See what kind of stamps on the 'O' other stamp lovers have chosen for today at and via Sunday stamps!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Olive groves and Greece are forever linked in my mind; a simple but beautiful stamp. Even more interesting is the theme was cultural exchange with all the added meaning of the olive branch. Love those olifanten, and the Dutch word.

  2. didnt know Greece and China had a joint issue...and a very nice one.
    Mainly it is Greek olive-oil that can be bought on the market here... being we are neighbouring countries :)

  3. The otter stamp is great. For my sins I remember following otter hounds on a hunt when I was young - glad that's banned now.

  4. All 3 stamps are excellent. I like the simplicity of the design of the olive stamp, otters should surely be on a lot more stamps, and the origami elephants are stunning.

  5. I really love the olive tree stamp. I would never have associated olive oil with China, however.

    The origami stamp won a design contest held by Correos. The designer (the name on the stamp) says it is a Mum-elephant and her baby elephant crying because of the dying nature. But I think it could be also a he-elephant... I'm afraid I cannot say, when we speak about origami animals ;)

  6. Thank you all for your comments.
    Some of you might have noted, but if not: if you look close to the Greek - China stamp, you not only see the olive (fruit and branch) but also bamboo!
    So the stamps would have matched with the letter 'B', too, but at that moment didn't yet have received these stamps :-)