zondag 3 september 2017

Sunday stamps: 'E' is for 'Ei'

In Dutch, the word 'ei' (which means 'egg') is pronounced exactly the same as the Dutch letter combination 'ij'. I tried to find a similar sound in English but I failed. Fortunately the online translator this time says it rather correct (click the loud speaker below of the word 'ei' at this link). Do you know words in English with the same sound?

Stamps about eieren (= ei plural) are rare, as far as I know. So I was very lucky when Eva sent me this special one from Spain:

And suddenly I remembered having received an other egg stamp, already two years ago, from Natalie from Hong Kong:

See more stamps on the letter 'E' at and via Sunday stamps!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. It sounds like a long vowel "a" in English for me.

    Thanks for your comment on my two Dutch postcards. I love learning more about your country!

  2. Love the heart shaped eggs, and amusingly called heartwarming. The ei sounds the same as the northern english dialect for yes which would be written as aye.

  3. Great and unusual stamps, thanks for sharing them.

  4. Now I want to try to make my eggs heart shaped :-)

  5. The fried eggs have made me hungry, Unusual stamps indeed.

  6. This is a curious theme for stamps, isn't it? I still wonder why this stamp won the competition.Not that I don't like it, but somehow it doesn't fit with the Correos stamps...