maandag 7 augustus 2017

Sunday stamps: 'A' is for 'Aap'

From last Sunday until 25 Sundays later, the Sunday Stamps are dedicated to the alphabet.
As it is easier for me to find a complete pictoral / stamps alphabet in my native language than in English, I thought to combine my to-be-shown stamps with a small course in Dutch language. Twenty-six nouns only, you might have learned after the coming half year.

So the letter 'A' does stand for... Monkey! In Dutch the word is 'aap', the pronounciation of which I cannot explain to non-native speakers. Even has difficulties explaining: its sound (click the speaker under the word in this site) does not sound native into my ears.
Anyway, we have been lucky that the aap also is part of the Chinese Zodiac. Thus many stamps have been issued on this theme. Above the very first Chinese Zodiac Dutch PostNL has ever issued: a year of the monkey (jaar van de aap) stamp sheet in 2016.

From Hong Kong I received this beautiful matching combination of postcard, stamp and postmark.

FinnBadger sent me this wonderful stamp and postmark from the USA. It took me some time to find the aap on the stamp, maybe you can spot him/her sooner?

Here he/she is:

This stamp arrived from Malaysia:

This apenmasker (monkey mask) like picture appeared on a Canadian stamp:

And three different apen ('aap' plural) stamps traveled from Japan. The first two seem to have had some trouble during their journey, but the two of them make one complete picture. From 1968:

From 1992:

A definite stamp (I think, not a zodiac one), received in / probably from 2016:

From Taiwan I received various zodiac stamps in one mail. First I thought to cut out the aap from this picture, but the postmark is worth sharing, too:

See what 'A' stamps our colleague stamp lovers have chosen for this Sunday at and via Sunday Stamps!

11 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm looking forward ti learning some new words. Great choice for A, I love all the aap stamps you've received.

  2. Some beautiful stamps and postmarks. I'll enjoy a weekly Dutch word.

    1. It is hard for me to choose, so maybe the letter 'B' consists of two words :-)

  3. There are some wonderfully creative depictions of aaps on these tamps/cards/cancellations!
    Speaking of pronunciations, we have a commercial voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger for some mobile games that "you can buy from the app store" but when I hear it I always think he is saying the "the up store"!

    1. That sounds funny!
      And isn't there also a difference in pronounciation in, for example, 'up' between American and English native speakers?

  4. Nice selection of stamps. Aap,maybe it's from the word, Ape? I learned something new today.

  5. I learned something new too. And i like the postmarks.