dinsdag 16 mei 2017

In: from the UN and the US

It is fascinating to see how Finnbadger manages to send mail from... er, as many countries as the United Nations do count!

The stamps show three of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the successor of the eight Millenium Goals (which alas haven't been accomplished in 2015).

Inside the envelope, besides a kind message from the sender, a vintage written back of a postcard, and this wonderful mailbox collage by Craftgasm.

Thank you very much, Finnbadger!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Great to see that this one arrived (eventually). Vienna is much faster than New York. And I didn't know about the millennium goals, so thanks for doing that research. Interesting that rather than try to reach those 8 goals, they just expanded to 17. Perhaps if they focused on fewer some would be reached?

  2. Thank you again, Finnbadger!

    I didn't do much research, the millenium goals are something I consider general knowledge :-) At least for the ones who always have been interested in health and welfare in developing countries. I remember that, in the past century, we really thought it should be possible: no more malaria, no more hunger, and education and so for everyone. But in the present century we alas see that it wasn't.

    Regarding the new goals, maybe you are right. However, when thinking about that, I thought that it also is a matter of commitment. For many people in the western world themes like hunger, lack of school, deathly tropical diseases etcetera, are far away, it is for 'them'. But the new goals, of which your stamps show three, are not only important and urgent for 'them', faraway, but also for 'us', here and now. So by expanding the amount of goals, and especially the new themes, maybe more people feel they are 'in', 'problem owner'. Just my thoughts..

  3. I like your point of view - makes sense. Plus the UN is quite large, with multiple organs, so certainly it is possible to work on more than just a few items.