zaterdag 3 december 2016

Postcards for the weekend: Lighthouses

This time the Postcards for the Weekend theme is 'Lighthouses'.

First I have to mention that my computer crashed last week, so I cannot scan and upload new postcards, and don't have access to the postcards and stamps which I uploaded in the past years - I did because lighthouses are favourite theme, too!

So the following postcards I'm posting, thanks to my daughter's laptop, haven't been uploaded now: I picked them from the internet.
The last five I copied from this 'nog meer post' weblog, and the first one from the website of Ravindra, to whom I've sent several lighthouses.

Among them this one, 'Lange Jaap', 'tall Jaap', the lighthouse in the northern part of my province, Noord-Holland, in the city of Den Helder.
I've seen the Lang Jaap from the sea, last year, when I took the boat to the first Wadden Island, Texel.

On his turn Ravindra sent me several postcards from his country, Sri Lanka, among them this lighthouse, named Beruwela:

Ravindra even has a blog dedicated to lighthouses on postcards, and besides that, also one about lighthouses on stamps.

Of course I have to show at least one postcard which Eva has sent me. She is the one who infected me with the 'lighthouse virus' :-)
I had a beautiful one from Spain in mind to share here, but as said, alas I cannot get the analogue postcard in this digital apparatus anymore, at the moment.
This one is a beauty, too. It shows a painting by the famous painter Edward Hopper:

You can see a slightly postal addition in the right upper corner: a postmark.
The next card has received even more postmark ink in front during it's travel, but still is a beautiful one.

It has been sent by John, who has sent me more wonderful lighthouse postcards. This one, also issued as a postage stamp, is the lighthouse at Saint John's point.

Also postcrossers have brightened my day by lighthouse cards.
I'm very happy with this maximum card, showing a lighthouse full of cubes (the first cubed one I had ever seen so far). It is the lighthouse at Casuarina Point WA:

Last but not least, a postcard which made me wonder most. As this lighthouse is located in a country which doesn't have any dirct contact with sea: Switzerland! And the lighthouse is even over 2000 meters above sea level!

See more beautiful postcards and stamps about lughthouses via this link.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh no! I hope you will be able to fix your computer. You picked some great cards for today however. I think I like the Swiss one best because it is so odd!

  2. Sad news about your computer - I hope it is fixed soon.
    Could the Swiss one be on one of its lakes?

    1. That is actually a faux lighthouse, buit in 2010 as a tourist attraction. It is a replica of a real one, existing in Rotterdam. And, despite its claiming of being "the highest lighthouse in the world", it is not: the lighthouses on the Lake Titicaca in Bolivia are much higher.

      However, I don't doubt I would be very pleased to met this lighthouse in the mountains... :)

      In case you have further interest, you can read this article.

  3. Sorry about your computer. I hope it will be fixed soon. Happily you have more than one computer at home. And we communicate also via snail mail... :)

    I'm really happy to have infected you with the virus (let alone all the viruses you have passed on me!)-

  4. Tall Jaap is very striking, must be quite a landmark. I like the thinking behind the Swiss one, useful if you get lost in the mountains too. Wishing your computer a speedy recovery, hope it's nothing too bad.

  5. Hi Heleen, I'm so sorry about your laptop. I hope it gets fixed soon. Thanks for sharing the background story for this post. It's indeed very nice when postcards are exchanged between people we know in the blogsphere. Thanks for sharing your lighthouse postcards and linking up. Until next weekend.