zaterdag 5 november 2016

Postcards for the weekend: Foods of the world

This weekend's theme of Maria's Postcards for the Weekend on her 'Connections to the World-blog' is 'Foods of the world'.

I choose two postcards, one which I received from Spain, and one I still have to send to the sender of the Spanish card :-)

The first dish which comes into my mind when I think typical Spanish food, is paella. By Eva's postcard I learned how to distinguish the different paellas from each other. As you can see by yourself:

Spain is a big country with many more kinds of dishes. Spanish Post (Correos) has issued an interesting stamp serie on food, and Eva was so kind to add a mathcing stamp on the back of the paella card:

I am very happy with the other stamp, too, as I love music (I think I've posted more 'music' on this blog than 'food'?!..). The stamp I think matching to this theme, too, because I think music food for the heart and soul!

The second postcard to share shows a typical Dutch meal, boerenkoolstamppot, stamppot made of boerenkool and potatoes. Many Dutch eat it in winter, but I hardly have seen boerenkool on menus in Dutch restaurants.

See more postcards on food on and via Maria's Postcards for the Weekend!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Paella is a common dish here in Japan, but most restaurants don't do a good job of making it. It is not very authentic at all...unless you have it in a good Spanish restaurant.

    I have never seen boerenkoolstamppot here, but it sounds good. We do have some Dutch or Dutch inspired foods like croquettes, but not a lot.

    Thanks for posting your food cards!

  2. I didn't remember that postcard! The series of stamps about food is among my favourites (not easy to get, alas).

    And the Dutch food seems very tasty. For the winter, as you said!

  3. We have stamppot but it Is only made with root vegetables although the Irish are more adventurous like you.

  4. Oh wow! I'm such a fan of paella but haven't really paid attention on the different names. Thanks for sharing this card. Our Filipino dishes have so much Spanish influence as we're a colony for 300+ years.

    Thanks also for sharing your love of music. I'm noting that for our future themes.

  5. Hi Heleen, Thanks for sharing these cards. I must say I’m learning lots from the interesting cards I’m discovering thanks to this new link up. I especially like the way you zoom in on the stamps. Love your “Labels” in the side bar. Want to do something like that for my blog but difficult as I have not been putting labels on the posts in the past. Will take some time to go back and do that. Thanks for your post and for your kind comment on mine. Have a fine weekend ahead!