maandag 23 mei 2016

Sunday Stamps: Butterflies

This Sunday Stamps' theme is 'Butterflies or moths'.

The first butterfly stamps which come into mind are from a pretty butterfly serie, issued by Correos in Spain. This is one of them, issued in 2011:

A stamp which seems to be 'common', and which shows one of my favourite butterflies (even though I've never seen this 'common swallowtail' in real), is this Belgian one:

In the United Kingdom, Royal Mail has issued butterfly stamps as well, of which I received this one:

These 'citrus swallowtails' arrived from South Africa:

This year Dutch PostNL issues several stamp sheets in collaboration with the 'Ouderenfonds', a charity fund, founded to help elder people.
By the way, on their website - alas in Dutch only - the Ouderenfonds mentions several projects, among them a 'send a card to a lonely elder person' project, and I think the project website's name very suitable: 'no facebook'. I think it a nice initiative, and fortunately there are similar projects in other countries, too (a quick search via google learn me about, among others, this one, and this, and this, and of course we can look around in our neighbourhood or faraway family, I think there are many people to whom a real written card will bring a smile - and see, how coincidentally, this month the Mail a Smile project's theme happens to be 'Butterfly'!).

Regarding the stamp sheets, among them is a serie of four, showing both butterflies and flowers, in relation to the four seasons. One stamp of the spring sheet has been posted some Sundays ago. Above the Crocus stamp there was/is a butterfly, and also one butterfly flew in the stamp sheet edge:

One other is a serie of butterfly stamp sheets, this is one of them:

The illustrations of these stamp sheets have been created by Janneke Brinkman-Salentijn.

By the way, a year ago Dutch post already has issued a serie of four nice stamp sheets showing butterflies, be it photos instead of drawings, but also in relation to the four seasons. You can see them at PostNL's collector's shop website.

A special manner to picture butterflies is shown on this stamp sheet: butterfly silhouets. It is a sheet from the serie 'Mooi Nederland' ('beautiful Netherlands'), dedicated to the city of Amersfoort.
I was wondering what butterflies have to do with this particular city, and the only information I found is that there has been constructed a 'butterfly way' throughout the city, with butterfly friendly flowers planted in several locations.

If you look close you can see a blue butterfly on the stamps themselves.

See more colourful and beautiful butterfly stamps at Sunday Stamps.

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  1. Wow, Heleen, you found so many butterflies. Impressive collection.

    1. Thank you, FinnBadger! And this is only part of it... I must have some Australian butterflies, too. And from the Spanish serie I must have almost all stamps, be it on mail / postcards I received in the past years, which I didn't organize so far... Alas I don't have sufficient time to search for them and scan them now. I should do one day, in case this theme will be repeated (which I think it will, as there are so many beautiful butterflies and stamps!)!

  2. Oh yes, this meme will be repeated!
    I think I especially like the Spanish one for showing both the top and underside of the wings.

  3. I love all these paper butterflies!

  4. If that's the only British one you have received I must remedy the situation.

  5. I hadn't seen the GB stamp and come to that I've never seen a Chequered Skipper either. Great selection of stamps for this theme, Heleen

  6. All the stamps are beautiful but I especially love those stamp sheets!!