maandag 15 februari 2016

Sunday stamps: the colour red

This Sunday Stamps' theme is 'the colour red'.
You can see wonderful stamps containing a lot of red (including hearts - this Sunday is/was Valentine's day!) on Sunday Stamps and via the links under that post.

Here are a few stamps containing red from my received mail:

Red crossstitch Rooster from Belarus:

A red fish (and dark red postmark) from Japan:

Red background of a 2011 Dutch December stamp:

France has issued many stamps containing rouge (red), among them this one:

Red beetles from Korea:

Red firework on a stamp from the USA, issued for the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, a few years ago:

Some red with green:

A red mailbox / wallbox from the United Kingdom:

And finally some ripe red apples, one from China:

And one from the Netherlands:

Check Sunday Stamps and the links post to see more stamps-in-red!

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Great selection, Heleen, I love the Belarus stamp, as well as the great Japanese fish.

  2. Thank you, FinnBadger! Meanwhile I added one more stamp, once received from you: the red firework one! Thank you again for that, too (the Dragon of that serie is one of my favourites, but has too little red to be posted today :-) )

    1. A very nice stamp - although I think it is for the Year of the Snake rather than the Dragon.

  3. Love the Japanese stamp, and its beautiful cancellation!
    Not so much love for the Korean beetle I'm afraid :(
    The Dutch one is cute :)

    1. Yes, Japan has wonderful cancellation stamps!

      Are you sure you don't like the beetle? Maybe it might change your mind if you note that he/she has a smiling face pictured, both on the back and on the head!?! :-)

  4. I love every ne of these! The red fish is just perfect. I received it... from you (on the back of the Gotochi card).

  5. that red-fish stamp is just soooooo cute! and lots of red here indeed...great collection I must say :)