zondag 13 september 2015

Sunday Stamps: Bridges

This Sunday Stamps' theme is 'Bridges to anywhere'.

I love bridges. Similar to mail, bridges connect.

Fortunately mail companies all-over the world have issued bridge stamps, and I was the lucky receiver of some of them. Among them this one from Japan:

An other suspension bridge (so to see) is this one in Iceland:

The following Chinese stamp on top shows a covered bridge. I am not sure if the second stamp shows a bridge too, but at least the stamps belong to one serie:

This stamp from Germany seems to be a 'common' one as I received it more than once. Nevertheless the image keeps on being a beauty.
The bridge pictured is an arch bridge, a kind of bridge which is dear to me (I'll show stamps on my favourite - Dutch - bridge an other day). And don't you love the postmark?

From Russia arrived these great bridge stamps:

In the United Kingdom the Royal Mail has issued many bridge stamps. You can see them via the links at the Sunday Stamps post of today.
Here are two from the United Kingdom:

Besides receiving bridge stamps I've also send out.
This pretty bridge reminds of the Amsterdam canals. It has been designed by the late Dutch illustrator and author Sieb Posthuma:

A photo of the Skinny bridge, a movable bridge in Amsterdam, is this one:

The famous painter Vincent van Gogh has painted a similar bridge, after the drawing bridge in Arles, France:

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    1. Thank you, Phillip!
      So are yours! I love to see how everyone at Sunday Stamps has found other stamps, and concerning the Royal Mail stamps, for me all contributions, little by little, make the 'puzzle' of at least the Royal Mail stamp series complete!

  2. As usual, I love your selection. I also think that mail is a sort of bridge between people.

    I have also receive this German stamp more than once. I didn't post it because (I think) I have already shown it on the blog. But being common, as you said, has nothing to do with the beauty of the picture.

    And now I know which is your favourite bridge. I was wondering about! ;-)

    1. I am surprised, but indeed I didn't send you the 'Waalbrug' so far, did I?

    2. So I should do so, soon!
      Recently I did send THE bridge (and two others over the river Waal on the same picture) to Ravindra.. http://worldontrains.blogspot.nl/2015/09/nijmegen-railway-bridge-netherlands.html
      Sorry I forgot to send it to you!... :-)
      (or, probably, it's because I'm sending you lighthouses and cows and snails already, on a priority base :-)

  3. Great selection. I hadn't seen that Humber Bridge stamp before. I have seen that Skinny Bridge in Amsterdam many times = so your last two stamps stood out for me.

    1. And I learned from Van Gogh's painting, and was surprised, that the 'skinny bridge in Arles, France, exactly looks the same as the - also to me wellknown - Skinny Bridge in Amsterdam!

      How nice, Bob, that you visited Amsterdam many times.
      By the way, when you got to the Netherlands (or ever will get again), did (or will) you visit the city of Utrecht? In the Zadelstraat in Utrecht, on walking distance from the central railway station, there's a great stamp (and FDC's) store, owned by Wim van der Bijl. Recently I went there and since then I would recommend every stamp collector / stamp fan to plan a visit there, too.

    2. The Humber Bridge stamp is a CEPT one, maybe from a different serie?

  4. I've got many, many of the German bridge.
    But have not seen any of the others you've shown.
    The Iceland one looks unstable to my eye, though I know it isn't!

  5. I hope to be in Netherlands again next year, so have now made a note of this stamp store in Utrecht.

    1. Thank you for your comments, VioletSky!
      The owner of the store is a very friendly, and remarkable, man. In this youtube interview you can see a glimpse of his small, but very full (filled with many albums, containing plenty of stamps), shop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F658YL6LH0g .
      The movie, made by the local Utrecht tv, shows an interview with him in 2012. He had traveled to North Korea for several years to buy stamps, and in that year he suddenly had been captured there, on unfair grounds, and fortunately set free after 17 days (alas the interview isn't subtitled, but maybe it is nice to watch)

  6. Superb selection of bridge stamps. Nearly went to Utrecht for the Tour de France but ill health prevented it, maybe a good thing now I know about the stamp shop as I would have missed it. A railway museum for my partner and a stamp shop for me sounds like Utrecht might be back on the holiday list. I remember reading about the North Korean 'adventure' in one of the stamp magazines here.