vrijdag 19 juni 2015

In: from Korea

This beautiful map card above came along with this wonderful mail art, you see below, created by Kim JungYoun from Korea. She manages to make a kind of minimal mail art, which I admire, because I am not able to create it, as mine is always (too) full with details.

To the envelope she sticked this postage stamp, showing one of my favourite subjects: mail and mail related objects!

And inside the envelope some more envelopes, among them this one from Australia:

Which contained a nice brochure about animals, and three prints of drawings from Sydney, created by the Italian artist Pepe Gaka who is currently living in Sydney. Among them these two, of the famous Opera House and one of my favourite bridges, the Sydney Harbour Bridge:

She traveled to the USA as well, and found there these ad cards and postcard. Thank you so much for sharing, Kim!

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