maandag 2 februari 2015

In: from the United Kingdom

Mail related cards and stamps always make my day. This maximum card showing mail transport (and see also the fine postmark and illustration on the stamp!) was sent by John from the UK, and definitely did do so.

An other day this envelope arrived, with even more postal things: a Pillar box,

And more pillar boxes:

And even pillar boxes on the stamps!

And finally (chronologically seen not finally, as I received it two months before the mail showed above) I'd like to share you this happy mailbox postcard:

Great 'food for postal lovers', isn't it?!

Thank you very much, John!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It was a pleasure. It's always nice when mail brings a smile to the recipient's day.

  2. It sure does, and many more than one smile!
    And apologize for not having replied in snail mail to your mail so far, John. I've been extremely busy with home and work matters. But there are some postcards waiting to be sent to you (some already for weeks...), so I hope to post them to you as soon as possible!
    And meanwhile I am looking for clocks on cards and stamps for you, such a great theme!