maandag 10 november 2014

Sunday stamps: fruits of the forest

We have been away this weekend, so I wasn't able to scan and post my contribution to Viridian's Sunday Stamps on Sunday. Fortunately - possibly thanks to the time zone differences - I still could post, now that in our part of the world Monday has begun.
This Sunday's theme is 'Fruits of the Forest: Nuts and Berries'.

The first stamp I love to share is this one from Finland. The berry is called 'kruisbes' in Dutch, or 'kroezel' as my friends from the very south of the Netherlands say, in the dialect of Limburg. The Finnish name sounds intruiging to me: 'Karviainen', while in English this berry appears to be 'Gooseberry'.

And lucky me, a colleague happened to have several stamps from Turkey and gave them to me.
There is a serie about berries, of which Viridian already showed my favourite one: the Blackberry, 'Braam' in Dutch.

I think the berries of the 'Pyracantha' or 'firethorn' ('vuurdoorn' in Dutch) are not suitable to be eaten by us, humans, but they're a welcome meal to birds like the blackbird:

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I also wasn't able to join due to travelling. It doesn't matter, because I would probably posted the very same Finnish stamp... ;)

  2. Our next door neighbour has a Pyracantha hedge - firethorn is an apt name for it as its thorns are vicious. The birds leave the remains of the berries they've eaten in our garden and we are continually removing seedlings.Love gooseberry pies.

  3. Gooseberries are a favourite of mine. Glad you were able to post these.

  4. Yes birds love pyracantha berries, it amazes me that they dive in and out of the bushes and yet I have to remember to wear long sleeves when pruning so as not to get scratched all over.