zaterdag 19 april 2014

Sunday stamps: Zodiac

Today Sunday Stamps' theme is 'Zodiacal and zodiac signs stamps'.

I'd like to show you this wonderful one: the zodiac sign Aquarius, received from Ravindra from Sri Lanka.

Also in the Netherlands zodiacal stamps have been issued. In 2008 I had a stamp sheet showing all zodiac signs, however I've used these stamps to send out. Fortunately this stamp sheet still is shown in the 'postzegelblog' ('stamp blog').

And by that blog, I learned that the following stamp, issued in 1995 to use for birthday cards, also shows zodiac signs! I had kept these two for almost 19 years but never had watched it that well so far. So thank you very much, Viridian, for attracting my attention and learning more about my own stamps!

And although not meant as a zodiac sign, this pair of scales I think a nice picture of the Libra. It's one out of a serie of four measuring instruments, issued as Summer Stamps in 1986.

On the forementioned 'Postzegelblog' you can find many more pictures from zodiac sign stamps, from all-over the world. Click on the names and enjoy:











Sagittarius (and note the wonderful effect of UV light on the stamp from Ukraine!)


8 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you so much for including the links. I couldn't match this week's theme. You have given me a lot of new information that I never had before. It's so difficult to pick a favourite from them all.

  2. thank you for the links! i see there are many great stamps left for me to collect...:)

  3. Such wonderful stamps on the links, its amazing how many there are as I struggled with this week's theme.

  4. Nice stamps. The Dutch stamp for birthdays is a very good idea!

    Also thanks for your effort in putting the links. Even if it isn't my favourite theme, I really have enjoyed looking at them. Some stamps are really original! I haven't noticed the effect of light on Ukranian stamps, wow!

  5. I clicked over to your other blog. Wow so many stamps I have not seen. You have a wonderful collection. thank you for joining in this week.

  6. Thank you all for your comments!

    By the way, the other blog ('Postzegelblog') is not mine at all, it's an online stamp magazine, with contributions of several authors, mainly stamp collectors/-fans (
    I always find very interesting information there, and was happy to be able to share zodiac stamps which were blogged there by one of these authors.

  7. You have found some wonderful stamps. I think part of the problem I have is that they are often hard to spot. I wouldn't have noticed these are signs of the zodiac if they hadn't been pointed out.

  8. Again thank you for your comments!
    And look what I found: zodiac stamps from the United Kingdom on this blog post (about 'lighthouses on stamps', but two stamps indeed show zodiac signs!),