zaterdag 15 maart 2014

Sunday stamps: Letters, postcards, and the post

This Sunday Stamps' theme is 'Letters, postcards, and the post'. A great theme, of course, for mail lovers like me and all who like to visit blogs like this :-)
Below my contribution. And check Sunday Stamps to find more post-related stamps!

The first stamp I'd like to show is a Dutch stamp sheet, issued in 2001 as 'children's stamps'. These stamps ('Kinderpostzegels') are issued every year in November, to support projects for children.
The theme of 2001 was 'Child and Computer'. And the funny thing is that, although it was meant to show the pathways of electronic mail, still you can see that it's a Real Letter being brought around!

This Swedish serie of stamps shows the postal process, both in place and time (be it the paper post instead of the digital mail). (Thank you Niklas, for sending!)

How Post works? Write a letter or postcard (or create mail art). Add a stamp, put the mail item into the letterbox or ask the post office (wo)man to deliver (the posthorn has been the sign of Post in many countries), see there are several ways for transport. And finally there's the receiver's mailbox!
Stamps from the Netherlands, Estonia, Canada, United Kingdom, Romania and Finland:

P.S. Don't forget to write the postal code:

A very nice idea is Postcrossing. See this website: You can send postcards and will receive postcards at random from many places in the world.

In the Netherlands, in 2011 a stamp sheet has been issued, dedicated to Postcrossing. I wrote about it here.
And to my surprised I received a Postcrossing postcard from Finland recenlty, showing also a Postcrossing stamp.
To make the circle round: I started with a stamp sheet which showed that the computer (email) and snail mail go together well. Also in exchanging postcards via Postcrossing, the digital and snail mail life show an excellent symbiosis!

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  1. I was sure that today you were showing a pile of stamps, as this is your (our?) favourite theme :)

    I like to see the whole set of "Child and Computer", as I have seen one of them in Viridian's blog.

    And the Swedish stamps are also wonderful, showing the whole process of mail. A lot of people isn't aware of it.

    For the rest, I have received (and posted about) some of them! The Romanian stamp was in the Europe Contest Best Stamp last year. I have hardly received any mail form this country. I like especially stamps featuring handwritten letters. It's something odd and Escherian in this idea...

    Oh, and did you know that also Belarus have issued a stamp dedicated to Postcrossing?

    (Oh, oh... Sorry for my long comment!)

    1. Sure one of the favourite theme's for all of us :-)

      I didn't know Belarus has issued a postcrossing stamp, too. How nice! There are many postcrossers from Belarus, but I wonder if I ever will receive this stamp, as due to lack of time I'm hardly sending Postcrossing postcards at the moment.

      And don't say sorry, thank you for your comment, I really appeciate! (and I'm afraid I'm writing loooong, too :-)

  2. That is a great selection and that is my favorite theme too.

  3. Oh I didn't know that little creature was inside my computer delivering mail:-) Imaginative stamp sheet. What a great selection of stamps all doing the thing we love, the post.

  4. What a delightful series of stamps you have shown. Now I see where my Netherlands stamp fits in. I love that Romanian stamp!!!
    The stamps I show are almost always from what I receive via Postcrossing.
    Thank you for joining this week!

  5. Post of the week for me; I had decided that after the first stamp. The Great Britain stamp caught me by surprise as I had never seen it before.
    I can now see why the post crossing members always have modern stamps to show.

    1. Thank you for your comment. And it surprises me that the British stamp is new to you, you have such a large knowledge of stamps!
      This British stamp has been issued in 1984 (I think). I've received an other one from this serie, which is shown here:

  6. A great selection and good to see the child and computer minisheet. Postcrossing must be making a big impact on stamp collecting.

  7. Thank you all for your comments! It's great to be among stamp- and post lovers :-)

  8. What a wonderful selection of stamp! I have one or two of them, but nowhere like as many.

  9. What a maravellous array of stamps on the theme (I could only find one). I’d have to say that my favourites are the Vermeer, because I love those scenes of Dutch interiors and the cross-stitch posthorn, as it’s a hobby of mine.