woensdag 13 maart 2013

In: My first lighthouse!

Verschillende mensen verzamelen vuurtoren-ansichtkaarten. Dit keer ben ik de gelukkige ontvanger. Wie weet: de start van een nieuwe verzameling?!
Rechts is-ie te zien, de vuurtoren van Kaap Sint Vincentius, op deze mooie kaart van Eva, verstuurd uit Portugal.
Ik was aangenaam verrast toen ik de volgende dag de linker kaart ontving, via Postcrossing uit Taiwan. Zoveel overeenkomsten! Reusachtige rotsen, een wijde zee, zwart kader, tekst onder de foto's... Dank!

Several people are collecting postcards of lighthouses. This time I am the lucky receiver, maybe it's a start of my lighthouse collection!?
You can see it on the right, the lighthouse of Cabo São Vicente, on this beautiful postcard sent from Portugal by Eva.
Amazing similarities I see between Eva's card (received 8th of March) and the card on the left which I received one day later via Postcrossing, showing a rock at Heren Beach in Hualien County, Taiwan.
Giant rocks, a wide sea, a black frame, text under the picture... Thanks to the both of you!

Update 19-3-2013: Ik was vergeten deze prachtige postzegels - uit Portugal en uit Taiwan - erbij te plaatsen. Bij deze, hierboven, dus! En leuk, zo'n sticker die ons leert hoe de Taiwanese brievenbussen eruit zien.
Tot slot nog interessant om te weten dat de Kaap Sint Vincent het meest westelijke punt van het Europese vasteland is!

Update 19-3-2013: I had forgotten to add these beautiful postage and cancelling stamps - from Portugal and Taiwan - so here you are!
From the sticker we can learn how Taiwanese mailboxes look like.
Finally an interesting fact: this card which Eva sent me from Cape Saint Vincent, shows the most western place in the European continent!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. A little difference between the two pictures: there is not lighthouse in the Taiwanese postcard! :P

    I don't consider I'm a collector of postcards of lighthouses. I collect the lighthouses themselves (visits to lighthouses). As I can't bring the lighthouses to the house, yes, I have some lighthouses related stuff... (any kind of stuff!). It was a great experience to be more than twice in the São Vicente Point. One thing about lighthouses is that most of them are in amazing places.

    But is it really your first lighthouse?!? I can't believe it! We must take care of this situation quickly (by the way, there is another São Vicente on way...).

  2. You are right, the lack of a lighthouse is a slight difference between the two cards :-)

    How nice to read about the way you are collecting lighthouses. I never had thought about it that way. While now I think that visits - to experience the lighthouse and its surroundings in real - must form the most dear collection. With pictures and postcards (and any stuff) being just small things - who might bring back great memories, but who in no way can replace the 'real' expoerience, the real lighthouse!.. (Would be nice if you could get a real lighthouse next to your present house! Which lighthouse would you choose?)

    I haven't seen many lighthouses from nearby. In fact, I'm afraid I've only seen and touched one (1) lighthouse in real, so far! I grew up close to the woods, so I feel 'at home' when there are trees around. And lighthouses usually haven't been built in forestal places. But life = learning, so I'm looking forward to seeing more lighthouses (in real, too :-)

    1. Which lighthouse? Mmm, it's a difficult question! I have some favourites, of course. But the fact is that the lighthouse I don't love haven't been built yet... Maybe I could chose an invented one in a very odd colour? Orange and turquoise stripes, for instance :D

      Did I tell you I left my lighthouses stuff in Spain? But I received some lighthouses since I'm here...

      I'm sure you'll like the lighthouses you'll visit in the future.

  3. Oh, sorry: the most southernmost point in Europe isn't that, this is: Cabo da Roca, Portugal (09° 30′ 03″ W).
    I hope you like the postcard anyway!