dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

Out: to Spain

Soms zijn op postcrossing behoorlijk negatieve reakties te lezen over dat de ontvangen objecten geen 'postcards' zouden zijn. Voor mij als slakkenpostliefhebber maar moeilijk te begrijpen, deze discussies. Want hoewel ook ik een voorkeur heb voor '10x15 cm enkele kaarten zonder envelop', ontvang ik alle post met open armen. Ook bij mij kwamen wel eens 'gewone foto's' in de bus, maar wie ben ik om zulke foto's af te wijzen? Mensen hebben per slot van rekening moeite gedaan, voor míj!
Persoonlijk beschouw ik alles wat 'n beetje stevig papier is, met een postzegel erop, en wat door de post zelf is afgeleverd (dus als 'post' goedgekeurd), als een 'postcard' (al stuur ikzelf via postcrossing alleen 'echte' kaarten, zo goed mogelijk aansluitend bij de wensen van de ontvanger).
Voor Nederlanders is er verder nog de verwarring over wat het Engelse woord 'postcard' betekent. Want de letterlijke vertaling 'postkaarten' bestaat niet in 't Nederlands, en 'kaarten' zijn hier zowel dubbelgevouwen kaarten / wenskaarten, als ansichtkaarten / prentbriefkaarten.

Bovenstaande zou ik nooit via Postcrossing versturen. Maar ik vermoed dat de ontvanger in kwestie (die ik toevallig wèl van Postcrossing ken) er best wel eens blij mee zou kunnen zijn!

De linker postzegel komt van het postzegelvel ter ere van de 54e Bosatlas.

Sometimes I read rather negative reactions, in which postcrossers complain that the received objects aren't 'postcards'. For me as a snail mail lover these negativism is hard to understand. Although also I prefer '10x15 cms unfolded postcards without envelopes', I welcome every type of post. Also selfmade photographs arrived into my mailbox, but who am I to reject these photos? Fact is that people have done effort, for me!
Personally I think all things as a 'postcard' when it has been made from sturdy paper / cardboard, stamped and delivered by the mailman (so 'approved' by the mail company - however concerning myself: via postcrossing I'm only sending 'real' cards, trying to match as much as possible to the receiver's wishes).
Moreover, for the Dutch there's the confusion about what the English word 'postcard' means. There is no literally translation, and 'cards' in the Netherlands mean both 'kaarten' / 'wenskaarten' (folded or unfolded wishing cards) and 'kaarten' / 'anscihtkaarten' / 'prentbriefkaarten', which are single, unfolded cards showing some picture in front.

Well, I wouldn't ever dare to send the above via Postcrossing. But I guess the specific receiver (who I happen to know from Postcrossing) might be happy to receive this one!

The stamp on the left is from a stamp sheet, issued because of the 54th edition of the 'Bosatlas' (the first edition was published in 1877).

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  1. I also don't understand people who takes the mail so seriously, or become angry for these little things. For me, it's just a hobby which allows me a lot of moments of happines, fun and laugh (for me and DH), and sometimes even to find friends.

    I thing postcrossers are usually kind. Even more than kind, and they try to send pretty things. Of course I received some non-postcards, plain and... ugly? Ok, I have registered them with a "thank you", and it's all. Things that are rubbish for some people are treasures for other people.

    On the other hand, sometimes I have received two postcards instead of one. Once I received... eight postcards with the same ID!! Or I've got real treasures as thank you cards for sending a simple postcard. It is also unfair, isn't it ;)

    So let's spread the smile trough snail mail, this is the aim!

  2. I never used postcrossing but I guess there are lots of people who don't swap or do snail mail but only collect postcards? Therefore they might feel disappointed to get something else. In snail mail all is welcome though:)
    In Polish the word card (kartka) also can mean postcard as well as a card (folded or not) for some occasions.

  3. Also in Catalan "postal" means 'postcard', 'folded card' and every kind of card you can send trough the snail mail.

    Regarding to postcrossers, I read in the site there are today 340,130 users. So I guess there are all kind of people there! :P

    GotThatSwing: don't try Postcrossing! It's highly addictive!! :D

  4. Postcrossing highly addictive?!?? I agree!
    And you're right that there is a large diversity among postcrossers. So cards that one person thinks bad, are favourited by the other!

    I happen to have received a postcard this week, on which the sender wrote that she prefers to receive ugly cards ('the uglyer the better' :-)
    Now I wanted to send her a 'thank you'-card in return, and tried to choose the most ugly one I have at home (I sometimes find ugly free ad cards - also beautiful ones - which I always take home). But regarding the 'ugly' cards better, my conclusion is that even the 'ugly' cards have beauty in them! (so now I don't know which one to send her, maybe I'll send here three and ask her to choose which she would think most ugly... :-)

  5. I thought it was a picture, not a real (I mean 3D) postman! Thanks a lot!!

  6. :-) So you can make pictures! Hope you'll like him.
    (The only thing is that I didn't know which colour the stand would be, therefore I added a few single blocks, so you can choose.)

    1. Of course I like him! (Btw, it's my first Lego!).

      In Morocco and in Spain mailboxes are yellow. My mailbox (now brand new!) is grey... But anyway, I like all the possibilities you've sent to me :D