donderdag 26 april 2012

In: from the USA

Ontvangen als antwoord op de kaart die ik adopteerde (oftewel ontving, volschreef en terugzond) voor het WeesKaarten-project. Verstuurd vanuit Amerika door de verbazingwekkend attente postale muze PostMuse.

Received as an answer to the postcard I adopted (= received, wrote and sent back) for the Orphaned Postcard Project. Sent by the amazingly attentive postal muse PostMuse.

Thank you so much, PostMuse!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. What a beautiful postcard!
    I've just requested a postcard from this project (and I've received three of them). I'll try to write and send them back soon.
    Which one did you adopted?

  2. How nice you are going to write adopted postcards, too! I'm looking forward to seeing your cards on PostMuse's blog. I'm curious to know which ones you have chosen, and why!
    PostMuse happened to have published this one a few days ago: . Concerning my previous adopted cards, one you can find here:
    and the other two I mentioned in my email to you :-)

  3. I've read all the stories about the postcards you've adopted. Connections are really amazing (as Postmuse says)!

    I think it's a great project. I really don't like blank postcards, even if they are very beautiful, you know. What I like the most is imagining people writing the postcards and the letters, making sense with their (our) mails...

    I'm very busy right now, but, as I said to you in my last mail, there is always time to write a postcard. So I'll try to adopt my send my postcards back to Postmuse soon!

  4. Thank you Heleen, and Hawwa! And I'm thrilled to learn a translation .... "WeesKaarten-project." I'm quite fond of double letters, as my real name has many :-)