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Sunday Stamps: Bicycles

This Sunday Stamps' theme is 'cycles: bi, tri, motor'.

I love bicycles! They are good for health and for the environment. Here in the Netherlands most Dutch have learned to ride the bicycle already in early childhood, and we're lucky to have a lot of good cycle pathways and bicycle parking places :-)
Some consider the Netherlands a 'fietsland' ('bicycle-land') so it might not surprise you that the Dutch PostNL, including it's predecessors TNT, TPG and PTT, has issued several stamps showing bicycles.

My favourite stamp I've posted before - see here, a postman riding a bike, illustrated by Sieb Posthuma). And you can find two Tour de France stamp sheets here.

Bicycle stamps are part of two present 'forever stamps' sheets.
The national 'forever' stamp sheet consists of 10 stamps showing ten typical Dutch themes in white on blue background. Among them this bicycle:

The international 'forever' stamp sheet consists of five stamps, showing five different themes in blue on a white background. Also the bike:

Some years earlier - when 'Europe' and 'World' had different rates and different stamps (now both cost the same postage) - a bicycle showed up on the 'Europe' stamps. The 'forever' stamp was introduced in 2010:

One year before, in 2009, the rates for Europe were € 0,77, and outside Europe € 0,95 as you can see below (while today the 'forever' stamp above is worth € 1,25 for all countries outside of the Netherlands).

Riding the bicycle is common for most Dutch people as proofs this stamp, showing the royal family cosily together riding their bikes:

And yes, you have seen it right: in our country most people, including me, consider wearing helmets for common bicycle transportation 'not done'...
Only a few very young children and all sport / tour cyclists do...

From the pre-Euro, 'gulden' era come the following two stamps.
The first has been issued in honour of the ANWB which once has started as an organisation for bicyclists (but nowadays has more car drivers as a member):

And this pretty CEPT stamp:

Last but not least this Dutch stamp, which is part of a 'ten inventions' stamps sheet, issued in 2010 for the 100th anniversary of the Dutch Patent Act, and which shows an important part of the bicycle: the chainguard:

Fortunately I received some bicycle stamps from other countries, too, which of course made my day:

From Spain:

From Greece:

Finally from bi-cycle to a tri-motor-cycle. Usually I detest motor cycles, because their exhaust/muffler gasses ruin my good mood when I smell it while riding my bike.
However there are a few exceptions, among them tricycle electric motor cycles like these, because they help to deliver mail :-)
Lucky and happy I was when I found these maximum cards via the internet:

The electric trike Kyburz DXP,

and the electric trike Tribelhorn, both from Switzerland.

See much more great bi-and more-cycles at and via this Sunday's Sunday Stamps!

11 opmerkingen:

  1. I was sure you'd have some stamps for this theme ;)
    And I really love the postal lady on the trike - although it can't be so nice when it is raining or snowing.

    1. A little late (here it already is Monday for many hours) but better late than never as I couldn't let go this theme!

      Sure rain and snow will make delivering mail harder, but I think those brave postal workers always will make it.
      See for instance this postcard:

    2. (not by bike, by the way :-) )

  2. When writing, my post, I was looking for the blue/white bikes you showed first. I'm sure I have received at least one of them, but I couldn't find. However, I forgot to post the forever stamp. I received it many times, but I still think it's very nice.

    I remember that yellow Greek bike! I was very happy when they sold me that stamp. Now I think I should have sent one to myself (but I never do that).

    I've never sent/received/seen in real those Spanish stamps... By the way, in Spain the helmet is compulsory outside the city, and also within some cities.

    It's funny that in my latest letter (still travelling, I guess), I wrote you about bikes and postage rates raise... :D

    1. I already was wondering if ever I had sent you the blue/white bicycle stamps!.. There is a chance I didn't send you these at all, because in the same serie there are a cow, a tulip, and cheese, the three of them I might have sent to you double, or triple, or... :-)

      The Spanish stamps are a bit older I think; I got them from a colleague who has a lot of stamps (among them the Turkish ones I've sent you once), but among the Spanish stamps this one was the only one which wasn't doubled (like the butterflies and musical instruments we know that well). So I think it a rare one!?!

    2. Yes, from that series I have cows, cheese, tulips, houses and a windmill!

      The Spanish stamps aren't that old: just form 2013 See here).

      There is a brand new Spain, tourism-related, with a bike too. I'll try to get it!

    3. I received your letter today! So cool, so beautiful, thank you!!! I'll reply in snail mail (probably using a bicycle stamp) :-)

  3. That Tribelhorn looks really neat. I've wondered how it would be to drive on three wheels.
    When I lived in Zaandam, I had one of those old fashioned bikes. I loved it for the ease of getting off and on and for stopping without having to angle your bike.
    And of course, in the city I noticed you don't tend to pretend you are in a race, so it looks natural to not see helmets.

    1. How nice you rode bike in Zaandam! I don't know how crowded Zaandam is, but at least in the neighbouring city Amsterdam bicycles are easier - at least to park - than cars (although bicyclists in our capital sometimes behave rather dangerous, crisscrossing between the cars, scooters and trams..) :-)

  4. I like the mirror reflection of Europa on the stamp. Chain-guards and Dutch bikes seem to go together, ideal for keeping splash free in city cycling.