vrijdag 25 december 2015

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In December we usually send and receive nice season's wishes from and to family and friends. Via snail mail, but it is little by little replaced by email and other electronic message ways.
Of course stubborn snail mailers (like me) will keep on sending tangible cards.

Also dear mail friends - people who I've never met 'in real' but who are so familiar thanks to the postal services and our persistence to keep on using these services - made me happy by sending kind and beautiful christmas and new year's wishes.

Above you can see the christmas tree John has sent to me. And I had to look twice to see that the baubles are special ones, very suitable to this blog: mailboxes! Pillar boxes to be exact.

Also the stamps are matching. Above a winter stamp, and below... Pillar boxes! On both the stamp and the postmark.

Eva sent me a beautiful, nostalgic scene. As a child I used to play with tiny farm animals like these, and also Eva has good memories to this scene.

On the back side Eva added a Spanish christmas stamp with glow-in-the-dark stars.

From Alvin I received this postcard with kind wishes from a snowy Utrecht.
A beautiful scene, however this year it can't be true, as this christmas there is no snow at all in our country. Even not any chance: with temperatures over 13 degrees Celsius it is the warmest christmas day ever in the Netherlands, or at least since people started to measure it in 1901!

On the back side Alvin added one of the present December stamps. I think it a nice serie.

Thank you very much, Eva, John and Alvin!

Finally there's a card which I received for a short period of time only:

This holidays/christmas/december themed 'chaincard' is traveling from Philippines via Hong Kong, Scotland and me in the Netherlands back to the sender in Philippines. So I'll forward this card to the first sender soon, and meanwhile my own card is traveling in the same countries, where similar season's stamps are / will be added!

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  1. I'm taking pictures again. Every year my Mum changes things, so there are always surprises in the nativity scene...
    The stamp is from last year.