woensdag 15 juli 2015

In: from Morocco and Spain

This beautiful coloured Moroccan house I received from Eva.

The also beautiful stamps have been issued for the International Women's day.
And the size of the envelope allowed Eva to add a bookmark, which is very suitable to the stamps, it is from a women's organization:

'Más igualidad' means 'more equality', and 'por dignidad' is 'for dignity'.
And oh, how I love the illustration of origami bird and the coffee maker!

Thank you very much, moltes gràcies, Eva!

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  1. I'm glad that you like the postcard. I thought so because of the turquoise colour.
    The origami drawing is really nice. I have a calendar with this drawings (it's from a union) of famous Spanish women, and I have made some envelopes of its pages. I will publish them on the blog soon!