zaterdag 25 oktober 2014

In: from the United Kingdom

Een prachtige zee met vuurtoren aan de Franse kust (Bretagne), verzonden vanaf de overkant, zuidkust van Engeland, door John.
Met op de achterkant een bijzondere postzegel: de gewone Elizabeth postzegel. Die had ik nog niet, en het is bijzonder dat John déze stuurt :-)

A beautiful sea with lighthouse at the French coast (Bretagne/Brittany), sent by John from the other side (South coast of England).
This card is also special because John added a regular stamp on the backside. A stamp I didn't have received so far, and adding a common stamp is unusual for John :-)
Thank you very much, John!

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  1. It was in a plastic envelope with a number of others asking the Post Office to hand stamp it so it didn't go through the machine and get damaged. I see they took no notice but at least it wasn't damaged.