vrijdag 10 augustus 2012

In: from Spain (and Switzerland)

Ontvangen van Eva uit Spanje, deze Zwitserse Airbus A320-214.
Received from Eva from Spain, this Swiss Airbus A320-214.

Moltes gràcies, Eva!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. The funny thing is that I got this postcard in a plane of other company (EasyJet, I think). I like a lot this postcards, but it is not easy to get them, I am afraid!

  2. How generous of the other company, to 'advertize' for Swiss Air!
    And thanks again for sending me! I didn't know that you like airplane postcards, too! Yes, also I like postcards of single airplanes a lot!
    We can buy cards of KLM and some foreign air companies inside of Schiphol Airport, though only behind the customs (so only when you have a plane ticket). We sometimes visit the airport just to watch airplanes, but I've never seen airplane postcards for sale outside the inside (= behind-the-customs) part of the airport...

    1. I have received three of them so far. You can see them here:

      I don't like postcards with cars, but I don't know why I like postcards with planes and trains. Maybe they suggest bigger and more wonderful trips...

  3. That's funny: also I am not interested in pictures of cars at all!.. And I like postcards with airplanes and trains a lot, too. And other public transport, as I like to travel by train, even short distances. I think I like trains and trams [and not to forget bicycles] also because of the advantages to the environment, and because of the technical things and railroads.
    Indeed airplanes make me dream of travels, too. Flying - being high in the air - in itself is special. And maybe they also make us think of birds (some other welcome subject on postcards, according to me) :-)

    I happen to have a KLM postcard, let me know if you'd like to receive it!