zondag 13 mei 2012

Out: to Spain

Verzonden naar Spanje, deze kaart van het stadhuis en de markt in de pittoreske stad Delft. Ik kom ze niet vaak tegen, ansichtkaarten met een gewone Nederlandse weekmarkt, maar het is toch leuk om deze eens te laten zien aan markt-liefhebbers wereldwijd.

Sent to Spain, this postcard of the city hall and market in Delft, a nice city in the province of Zuid-Holland. In Spain most of the time I saw indoor markets and only a few outdoor ones. In many Dutch cities there's a weekly market. Outdoors! Which I think funny as one could rely more on the weather in Spain than in the Netherlands. I respect all market men and women who sell their things even when there's pouring rain or freezing cold. However, of course in Spain it might be too warm to keep the fresh food fresh outdoors!..

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  1. Thank you for your postcard, Heleen! I've got it two days ago (I think). It's a beautiful view and one of my favourite subjects.

    But it's a strange idea that in Spain we have few outdoor markets (!?). We have weekly street markets in every single town and village, even in the big cities. In the village where I'm currently living it takes place on Friday (but I've never visited it, can you believe that?). Sometimes these weekly markets have medieval origins.

    And you're right with the weather: here the hardest thing is to put up with the sun...

  2. Thank you for your comment, Hawwa! My experience of course is limited! In the few larger cities I visited in Spain (and I only have visited the south of Spain), there were large market halls where people bought their fresh fish and vegetables. I didn't see outdoor markets in these city centers, whereas in the Dutch cities I know, these weekly markets are in the center (like the one on the picture), where both fresh food and non-food things (cloths, textiles, flowers) are sold. I've indeed seen a few street markets in Spanish villages, though here non-food things were sold (including 'touristic' stuff), while the fresh fish/vegetables were bought in the supermarket or indoor market hall.
    So that 'colours' my 'knowledge' :-)
    As said, thank you for your comment! Postcards not only connect but also spread knowledge and prevent presuppositions! (and bring good ideas: I should visit Spain many more times :-)

    1. Yes: you must visit my place so we could wander together around the stalls in the Friday market... ;)

      You're right: we usually don't sell fresh fish or fresh meat in the outdoor market. The law is very strict, and I can imagine that it's due to hot weather. But it's normal to buy vegetables in the street markets, and other food like dry cod, honey, bottled food, cold meat...

      In the North of Morocco you can buy ANYTHING in the street markets. And here the word "anything" means exactly "anything". It's amazing!