zondag 18 februari 2018

Postcards for the Weekend: Happiness, joy

This Postcards for the Weekend's theme is 'Happiness / Joy'.

This postcard show an object which brings a lot of joy:

As a mail lover you immediately know why :-)

In case of doubt: see what joyful Postcrossing stamps on the back side this postcard returned to me, after having traveled to Malaysia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and back to my country:

A person who brings much joy and happiness, too, is Krtek, or Molletje (Little Mole) as we name him in Dutch. Created by Czech animator Zdeněk Miler, Little Mole shows us how to live happy, with friends and in harmony with nature:

I see DawnTreader has chosen a happy Krtek postcard for this weekend, too, and I think one never will get enough of this friendly and smart mole. The Mole always gets nice solutions to everyday's problems. And even to big problems, as my favourite Little Mole movie proofs (Mole in the city - Molletje in de stad - Krtek ve městě). The Little Mole in the City movie follows the adventures of Krtek and his sidekicks Hedgehog and Rabbit as they head to the city after the forest, their home, has been taken over by industrialization.

Last but not least, there are two women who exactly know how to keep up happiness and joy, even at an elder age. Created by Finnish illustrator Inge Löök, they showed up on this postcard which landed in my mailbox yesterday and which caused a smile from ear to ear on my face, also for the back side.

I received it from Eva, and she suggested matching names for the two. Thanks a lot, Eva! I think I agree with you - be sure that a proper reply will be sent as soon as possible!

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. The first postcard with all those Postcrossing stamps is surely something special. And I think I should definitely see some Mole's Adventures...

    But talking on happiness + postcards, I always think of those ladies. The postcard arrived really quick! I had to go to Ceuta last Tuesday, and post it there. So, it took only 3-4 days to be delivered, wow!

  2. I think I've mentioned in one of my comments here in your page before about my postcards mailing adventure in Rotterdam. So yes, I totally relate on why this orange box spells joy for you my friend! :D Thank you for sharing this postcard, the Krtek postcard, and the Inge Look postcard. These aunties are always having fun in all the postcards I've seen :D

  3. All of these postcards make me smile! Thank you very much for sharing, Heleen! Especially the orange postbox, it reminds me of my adventure in Rotterdam Central looking for one while at risk of missing my bus. It was such a delight when I finally found one!