donderdag 15 juni 2017

In: from Morocco (and Taiwan)

Pretty mail from Eva! The postcard shows a photo, made by Chie from Taiwan, and although originally made for Eva, Eva forwarded it to me, because I love wind turbines.

And I received a so-called 'blanco negro gris' - 'black white grey' letter, as a successor of a beautiful rainbow coloured letter (which I still have to post).
Eva added these two great animal illustrations to her kind words:



Both postcard and letter arrived the same day, on the 13th of June. However, they must have been sent on different days, as the letter's postmark says 17 May, and the postcard's postmark 5th of (May of June?).

Thank you very much, Eva!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I am happy that both arrived. But yes, it is a bit crazy that they did together! I posted the grey letter on 17 May, and the postcard on 5 June.

    1. That is really weird! I always thought letters to travel faster than postcards, and now it is the other way round!..

      Thank you again for this pretty mail. By the way, your colouring plate for lazy people still causes a enormous smile on my face :-))))

    2. There are no rules for Poste Maroc :)

      and about the illustration, I think it should be "for extremely lazy people" :DD

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