zondag 21 mei 2017

Sunday Stamps: Photography

Today's Sunday Stamps theme is 'Photography'.

Photos are used often on stamps, but photography as an art in itself seems to be rarely used in the tiny traveling postage pictures.
Fortunately I found stamps dedicated to three Dutch photographers. Who, by the way, have been traveling all-over the world to take their pictures.

Charlotte Dumas (Vlaardingen, 1977) is one of my favourite Dutch photographers, because of her photos of animals, portrayed in a personal way. I had never heard of her, neither seen her work, until PostNL issued this stamp sheet of 'animals with a story' in 2015. In the selvages you can find the names of the animals, and read some more info (in Dutch).

In 2014 the five 'children's welfare stamps' ('Kinderpostzegels') stamp sheet shows pieces of art, depicting children. The artwork is part of the collection of the Rijksmuseum (the National Museum). Four stamps show paintings, and the fifth one, twice as much larger than the other four, show this photo:

The photographer is Maya Pejić (The Hague, 1935). The boy pictured is making some amazing manoeuvre on his skateboard in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam.
Some more information (in Dutch) about the photographer you can find on the website of the IISG (International Institute of Social History), and many more pictures you can find via google.

An other stamp sheet, completely dedicated to a photographer, is this sheet, issued last year in honour of Ed van der Elsken (Amsterdam, 1926 - Edam, 1990).
Personally I wasn't that interested in these stamps, due to the photos and the tiny size of these, but reading something more about the background (alas in Dutch only ,too) they became interesting for me though.

See more stamps on the theme 'photography' on today's Sunday Stamps blog and via the links mentioned there.

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  1. Great selection today, Heleen. Needless to say, I have never heard of any of the photographers. I love the van Elsken set.

  2. Phillip wrote the comment I was about to write... ;)

  3. :-)

    Ed van der Elsken is (or, is said to be, in Dutch media) famous all-over the world. At least I have heard about him long before these stamps were issued. However his photographing is a bit 'before my time', the pictures on the stamps seem to have been made in the 60ies, early 70ies and I was too young to be aware, then. However (an other however :-) ) the photographer's age and blooming period doesn't have to be the same: Maya Pejic is 9 years younger than van der Elsken, and I saw pictures of youngsters of my generation (new wave, so the 80ies), even in the same city where I lived in my twenties (Nijmegen) and I think I feel more familiar with her work than with the work of the more well-known van der Elsken.