vrijdag 28 april 2017

Postcards for the Weekend: Water

This weekend's theme for Postcards for the Weekend is 'Water in any form'.

A good opportunity to share this postcard, which Eva had sent me from Cádiz. I love bridges on postcards, and there where are bridges, most of the time there's water, of course.
And this multiview card shows a lot of water, in a variety of colours!

How nice to see stamps from the same city:

There is also water on maps. For example around the Wadden isle Texel (postcard sent to Eva),

The stamp I added shows more water around a kind of isle (in fact: a continent, Australia), water on a map:

Salt water from the sea on an illustration by Fiep Westendorp:

Fresh water from the air on this illustration of Kikker (Frog) by Max Velthuijs:

Check Postcards for the Weekend to find more postcards on the theme 'water'!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. The frog card is delightful and the colours in the top photo of the Cadiz card are super.

  2. Love the Cadiz stamps, and the frog made me smile on my blog hopping this morning.

  3. Sure enjoyed your post, well done! Bridges fascinate me and so the first card is my favorite this time. Beautiful card!

  4. When all the postcards are very nice, I think the 2 last ones are my favorite! So smart to include the last card for this theme :D Have a nice week ahead!

  5. Love the variety of the cards in this post! :)

  6. Looks a spectacular bridge in Cadiz. Nice watery cards, I like how you have managed to find two with water dancing.

  7. I love ALL the postcards/stamps you showed here. Happily, I've seen some of them in person ;)