vrijdag 6 januari 2017

Postcards for the weekend: Trains / trams

This weekend's Postcards for the weekend's theme is dear to me, too: trains and trams. In the past I've sent and received several postcards (and stamps) on this subject, see trams, and trains (and of course the corresponding subject: railway stations).

This postcard I got at the Railway Museum in Utrecht (which happens to celebrate its 90th anniversary tomorrow).
Some years ago we visited this nice museum and that day there was an additional theme: safety on and besides the railways:

I must say that I prefer the present (electric) trains to the older (steam) ones. The main reason is the fact that these modern electric trains remind me of my trips to and with my late grandparents in the seventies.

An other reason is of course that the old, steam engined, trains produced a lot of smoke.
Nevertheless I was very happy to receive these postcards:

From John, from the United Kingdom:

On the back he added this matching stamp:

From Nomi, from Sri Lanka:

From Ravindra, also from Sri Lanka:

Be sure to check Ravindra's train blog, he collects postcards of trains and trams and has received many, from all-over the world!

And here a modern Japanese high speed train, I received from Hana, who designed this maxi/postcard by herself:

Finally a few trams:

From Natalie, a double deck tram sent from Hong Kong:

From John, also a double deck tram:

And this horse power driven tram:

The following postcard is Dutch and has been sent by me to Ravindra. It shows three historical trams. These - and other historical trams - still ride in summer between Amsterdam and Amstelveen, thanks to the people from the Tramway Museum:

See more trams and trains on Maria's Postcards for the Weekend blog and follow the links mentioned there.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely cards! I don't think I can even pick a favourite. Thank you for posting them all.

  2. A great post. I know they polluted the atmosphere but I did love steam trains when I was little. It's a shame that Liverpool got rid of its trams in the 1950s - just think what a tourist attraction that no 33 would be nowadays!

  3. I like the 'safety' card with all its little disasters, funny. I love journeys by train, Sri Lanka looks the perfect trip.

  4. I guessed you would show a lot of postcards today... :)

    The one with the high-speed train is really an original design.

  5. Wow! The horse-pulled tram is very impressive! Thanks for sharing your trains & trams postcards Heleen!

  6. Hi Heleen, What an excellent post for the theme Trains/trams. I enjoyed all the cards. Love the way you describe who and where they came from. I admire the creativity of the card from Hana. Would love to see more of her work. Thanks for the link to Ravindra’s blog. It continues to fascinate me regarding what is out there on the WWW that I don’t know about. I love trains so this topic is especially interesting. By the way, you are so right about steam trains and the smoke. One of my favorite railroads built an electrified line through our Rocky Mountains. One of their justifications for doing that was to avoid the smoke in the scenic areas. Tourists could ride on “open air” cars through the mountains. Thanks for sharing your blog and your kind comments on mine.