maandag 26 september 2016

Sunday Stamps: Orange

This Sunday's theme of Sunday Stamps is 'Orange, yellow'.

The stamp which immediately came into mind, because it shows much yellow and even more orange, is this painting by famous painter Mark Rothko:

Pretty orange backgrounds are shown in the following two stamps, both happen to connect two countries:

The Monaco and Morrocan flag on this joint issue stamp from Morocco, and a lot of orange under the book:

From Thailand, orange behind a mailbox from Myanmar:

Almost monochromatic are these two stamps, issued on a ten stamp sheet in honour of Dutch letter writers:

The man pictured is Leo Vroman (1915-2014), a Dutch-American writer, hematologist (the book I've read is an autobiography, also about blood), poet, illustrator.

Finally a stamp which I like to share, is this one from Spain, showing a dear object. Which raises the question: is it orange or is it yellow?!

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6 opmerkingen:

  1. Great selection of stamps - the Rothko is a personal favorite.

    1. A print of this stamp is hanging in my living room - the colors are bright and full of energy.

  2. Great stamps! The top one is my favorite, really perfect for the theme

  3. I love your selection. I didn't thought of that stamp (issued both by Monaco and Morocco), but it's really orange.

  4. I can hear that Spanish guitar - it's yellow to me.