zondag 7 februari 2016

In: from Hong Kong

I am very pleased to have received this beautiful maximumcard from Natalie from Hong Kong.

Besides sharing this card and stamp with you 'regularly', there are two more reasons to post this card today:
- Tomorrow the New Year will start, according to the Chinese calendar, and it will be the Year of the Monkey!
- And today's Sunday Stamps theme is 'illustrations', to which I would like to add these two illustrations of a monkey!

Check for more illustrations the Sunday Stamps blog and the links under the post.
And for all mail friends (and all others) who celebrate the Chinese New Year: happy New Year!

Thank you very much, Natalie!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice illustrations! I've seen also the stamps you carved. They would go well with this wonderful postcard.

    1. I've just bumped into the whole sets in a blog I usually read. Maybe you like to see them, if you haven't:

  2. Beautiful card and stamp - I like all the different monkeys I've been seeing on the web leading up to the new year.

  3. Fine card and stamp. I always enjoy animal stamps. I had forgotten it was near the new year.

  4. The one on the card is a beautiful illustration, the one on the stamp looks a bit scary. Nice Maxi card.

  5. I recently received a few of this Year of the Monkey stamp on postcards/envelopes....but the maxi card is just way better! Love it!!

  6. Lovely - I like the colors on the stamp too.

  7. This is a nice one. Canada's Year of the Monkey has not gotten rave reviews from the people I've talked to.