zondag 9 augustus 2015

Sunday Stamps: Food

Today's theme of Sunday Stamps is "Food and/or drink". When searching in my stamps I found several food stamps, so that I forgot to search for drinks, too.. Well, from some food you can make drinks at least.

I am curious to know how these dishes would taste, they look delicious! Above a traditional meal from Singapore, below different types of meals from Turkey.

Greece has issued some nice stamps on food recently. Thanks to Katerina from Greece I was the lucky receiver of these legumes (so healthy and delicious!) and grapes.

Fruit belongs to my favourite food. Especially cherries (did not find stamps on that) and strawberries. Fortunately the Dutch post has issued a stamp on these tiny red 'summer kings' (aka 'zomerkoninkjes' as we call them in Dutch), and I must say that I prefer the raw strawberry on the left to strawberry cake or any other produced food:

And in the same serie the Dutch post issued one on apples (see also above). As did the Chinese post:

The word 'appel' in Dutch is part of the word for potato, 'aardappel'. Similar to French: pommes, and pommes de terre, and in Farsi, sib (سیب‌) and sib zamini (سیب‌ زمینی). And who knows in which languages more?

Regarding potatoes, the painter Vincent van Gogh painted a famous painting on the Potato eaters. The Dutch PostNL has issued stamps on van Gogh's paintings, and fortunately also on on this scene:

On the internet I found this nice stamp set on potatoes, from the Antilles (alas not in my hand, but I love these pictures so much that I cannot resist to show them to you):

Finally a nice stamp on a vegetable (and a great postmark on someone who loves to eat vegetables, too!). I am not sure whether it is lettuce or green cabbage, but as I love fruit and vegetables most, this stamp from Japan is a pleasure for the (at least mine) eyes!

See more special and wonderful stamps on food on Sunday Stamps and the links below that posting.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Excellent selection of veggies from all over the world.

  2. You always manage to produce a feast of stamps!

    1. Thank you, VioletSky! And thanks to your (and in the past Viridian's) inspiring Sunday Stamps!
      I am very grateful that you continue Sunday stamps, otherwise I never would have been taking enough time to watch closer and find little treasures/pleasures! :-)

  3. Having sen all these I wonder why I found the theme difficult. Great selection of stamps and food.