maandag 1 december 2014

Sunday stamps: Birds

The Sunday Stamps theme of the last day of November is 'Birds'.
The Dutch post has issued a serie of Dutch birds stamp sheets in 2011. Among them the Grutto, or Black-tailed godwit (see above), and the Koolmees, or Great tit (see below).

One of my most favourite birds picture is the illustration of two sea gulls by Sieb Posthuma.
He created these as part of the 20-stamps December stamp sheet of last year.
Every year an other illustrator or design bureau is asked to design the December stamps, and the new - 2014 - December stamps already have bene issued, created by other illustrators.

Sad to know that the famous children's book writer, illustrator - and designer of my all time favourite December stamps (an other of this sheet is the postman!) - has passed away last August.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I favour the Great Tit as it is a bird we see in our garden regularly.

  2. I was wondering if you don't participate with one of your favourite themes... :D

    I like the stamps you posted. And that postman is one of my ever favourites, you know!

  3. Oh I love how there is a map in the middle of the stamp sheets