zondag 2 november 2014

Sunday stamps: more chairs

Today's Sunday Stamps theme again is 'Anything you wish'.
The previous 'anything you wish' I choose for 'chairs' as a theme, inspired by the stamps Micu had sent me from Hungary.
And a few days ago I happened to have received two more chair stamps from Hungary! Thanks to Micu, and by the way, Micu has a beautiful mail art project by which you can send a smile. Every month Micu proposes someone who can use such a smile, sent via snail mail. If you want to join her project, please check 'Mail a Smile'!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I am sorry, but these chairs don't look very comfortable!
    Thank you for joining Sunday Stamps!

  2. At least the one on the left looks nice. I think it has an anthropomorphic look.

  3. Chairs are not a subject that I would ever have thought of for stamps, I shall have to look to see if I have any. Maybe furniture could be a future theme for viridian.

  4. Ever since I saw your first post on chairs I keep coming across other 'chair' stamps perhaps I have just not noticed them before, the latest ones were from Sweden.

  5. I shall have to check my collection for chairs when I get home in 10 days. Certainly I haven't considered them before.