zaterdag 9 maart 2013

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Ik ben verschillende keren in Spanje geweest, heb er ook met de trein gereisd. Maar nog nooit was ik in Madrid. Dus ik ben blij dat ik toch, dankzij Eva, het station kan zien. Het bekende Atocha treinstation. Extra leuk is dat Eva niet alleen een foto van nu stuurde, maar ook een uit 1912, toen het pas 61 jaar jong was. Tijd vliegt, en tijden veranderen...

I have been to Spain several times, and I've been travelling within Spain by train as well. But I have never been to the capital. So I am happy to be able to see the Madrid railway station, which is named Atocha. Thank you very much, Eva!
Extra nice is it to be able to see both how the railway station looks nowadays, and how it looked in 1912, when it was 61 years young!
How time flies, and how times are changing...

P.S. Eva: Concerning travelling time, I think these cards went fast: according to the cancelling stamp they started their journey in the post office on the 20th of February, and I already received them on the 25th of February (but I didn't have the time to scan and publish them sooner than now..)!

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  1. This is just one of the railway station. The other one main railway station is "Chamartín".

    They travelled so quickly!

    I sent something for you this mornig. I hope it will travel so fast ;)