dinsdag 24 juli 2012

In: from Spain

Met sommige mensen is het prima koffie (of thee) drinken, zelfs op afstand. Ik neem 'n koffie verkeerd! Dankjewel, Eva!

Distance has no meaning when you are having a coffee (or tea) together. Well, it takes some days for the coffee to arrive, but it does!
I'll take a café-au-lait - a caffè latte - now, thanks to Eva!

Plus een mooi gestempelde envelop: zo blijven de postzegels postfris!
Plus some nice canceling stamps, so we can reuse the postage stamps!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. But not... you should not drink coffee at night! I am taking a cup of Rooibos (caffeine free!) right now :P

    I did not remember these postcards... I still like them! When my friend from Australia come to visit us (you know: she is living in North Morocco), she brought me a packet of this "Café Luna". I adore this coffee and also the vintage packaging...

    It is funny that I have been today updating my album of postcards (and preparing some things for the blog). I have just created this new album: "Multiples on postcards" (https://picasaweb.google.com/108189801195027432974/MultiplesOnPostcards). These postcards will fit! :)

    In Liverppol I drank always "café-latte" too (you know I drink coffee on holidays, on the contrary of the rest of the world).

    What a long comment! :P

  2. Now I could drink coffee "Luna" every day... What a disaster! ;)